Choosing a wordpress theme

When you have a site say, a blog, it’s crucial that you watch out with the kind of WordPress theme that you use because it’s crucial in how users will respond to the site. Usually, it’s a conundrum for most people that are just starting out because they are not sure of the theme to go for as there are a lot of options and they all look good. As a result of this, people are left confused and when they do make their choice eventually, it fails to optimize their site and then they are disappointed. It is understandable but that’s the purpose of this article: to address this and guide you on how to choose the most appropriate WordPress theme for your site.

One thing you need to understand when you’re about to choose a theme is that WordPress is used to create all kind of websites. That’s why each theme is optimized for a different market. There should be a direct relationship between your WordPress theme and your site content. In other words, your WordPress theme should complement the content of your website. For example, if you are starting a blog on social or economic issues, then you would want a theme that improves readability.

Many WordPress themes come with tons of customization options. However, if not coded properly, these options can make it difficult for you to change themes or use other WordPress plugins. This is because you will be locked into that theme or will have to pay a developer for you to change themes. Remember how I first mentioned that there are a lot of options for WordPress themes and they all look good, well, some of them that look really great can actually make your website incredibly slow. And trust me, no one likes slow websites, particularly Google, which prefers to rank faster websites higher.

Here are important factors to consider when choosing WordPress themes for your site:

Simplicity- this is like the most basic factor you need to put into consideration because while there are complex themes with lots of colors and attractive animations, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be appropriate for you. Rather look out for Look for a theme that has a design layout that helps you support your goal and is sure to provide users with wonderful experience. In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the best form of sophistication.” Invariably, keep it simple.

Support multiple languages- well, if you’re interested in getting across to a lot of people speaking different languages, then it’s better to ensure the WordPress theme you choose is optimized to support different languages as this will drive more users to your site.

Browser compatibility- this is important because your users will definitely be making use of different browsers and if you want your site getting more visibility, then it’s better not to limit yourself by ensuring that users can make use of different browsers to access your site. It is important that you test your WordPress theme across different browsers and even on mobile devices so as to guarantee optimal user experience.

Supported plugins- there are popular plugins that are compatible with almost every site and you need to ensure that your WordPress theme can support these plugins. It will enable it to provide the best optimum user experience.

Mobile Friendliness- well, almost every human being today uses one form of mobile device or the other and it’s better to ensure that the chosen WordPress theme is usable on mobile devices thus making it easier to access.

Remember, your theme is the face of your WordPress site and plays an important role in how users as well as search engines perceive it. So, don’t take it with levity but ensure to put everything in place in order to get the most optimum of performance from your site.